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Universal Theory
by Dark Phoenix

Utopianism - Hyper State
- Utopian Energy Systems -

Natural - Principles

It's All Freedom Ov Choice

In The Beginning
 : Charity 10%
 : Wheel 10%
 : Show 10%
 : Fame 10%
You as The World
Key 2nd Derivative
Energy Joules $ Rice

10% To Your Own Life Wheel

Part ov 'The Fountain Ov Youth' - Cyclic Energy Management

Most people Invest one way or another
Its how much, how often and what to do with interest / dividends that may well be new to you

why do we invest - it involes others in our prosperity

this principle is from the old Babylon theory ov

invest 10% ov everything you earn as you earn it

this is NOT superanuation

you live of the interest monthly / quaterly (after careful division)

it starts slow but the idea is it eventually overtakes your wages

it just keeps adding up

like the crops - when harvested you really need to plant more seed or it goes to waste

generally everyone knows ronnie biggs ran out ov funds way before anyone thought he would

so you divide the interest each month

its up to you - its your choice - the idea is it's income support and it NEVER stops growing


this interest is divided like income was

this is the second derivtive ov the second wheel

10% to the charity

10% to your own life wheel (yes this very account re-invests on itself - the result is interest on interest)

10% to 'the show' - your artistic creativty

10% to 'fame' - publication and promotion ov your creativity

over many years this compounds and shows a great returns

in Babylon it was called

'The Richest Man In Babylon Theory'
- a bit whatever these days but never the less - very successful

we are committed to induce prosperity here

if your going to help others then you need to make an income
simple as that

it's about make an income and helping others

if you don't make an income it all falls apart - it just does

it's the old 'well runs dry principle'

they say "but who'll do the cleaning"

price goes UP 'till someone does - old princile ov supply and demand

maybee if you actually started paying people they may be a little easier

Note: everyone knows here in nirvana

workers wages go double (x2)

- the old term 'so long as your prepared to pay double it'll be ok'
or 'pay' and 'pay' - that's what they meant

the artists earings go UP X 30 - yes x 30 - the thirty pieces ov silver

you've gotta be kidding if you think you'll ever force artists to 'work'

we're just too damn lazy
(we're actually full on disabled
- the elixir will not allow us to do anything other than exactly what we want)

for us it's a penalty ov death to comply with anyone else)

natural dont's are ok - we can all walk away
(like don't walk in front ov a speeding mach truck - common sense)

it's the do's that KILL us
- (we can't even pass the salt on demand - penalty - death)

our general policy is leave NO trace that we we're even there

we usually have enough steam to provide for ouselves, choose our own food and clean up after ourselves - no guarantees though

we we trigger the all collapsing boobie trap don't be surprised if we just walk away

service is at our own choice at out leasure

if you need food then try the hari krishna's
(specialists in world wide all you can eat food)

it's art to fill your art gallery/shop then try
(1000+ artworks made PublicDomain to blow up and hang on walls)

work out what you need and look to those in that chosen area - each to their own

like let's see you provide 15 minutes ov media every week to the world

like 40 hours / wk for 50 years seemed ok
but 15 minutes a week is suddenly way way way too much

just the way it is folks
End Note

it seems there are a few ways to approach this

the best part is even more kids on the desert floor are getting fed
more wells being dug, more schools set up etc...

the whole thing can be handled wery quickly if done electronically

we are supposed to prosper you know

the world helps the world

lack ov knowledge ov ENERGY MANAGEMENT is a main reason you were asleep

the natural drive to multiply is why the homeless are predominantly drawn to gambling
(and don't even know why - so they just gamble till it runs out)

more details on this natural drive to multiply in
'in the begining'