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Universal Theory
by Dark Phoenix

Utopianism - Hyper State
- Utopian Energy Systems -

Natural - Principles

It's All Freedom Ov Choice

In The Beginning
 : Charity 10%
 : Wheel 10%
 : Show 10%
 : Fame 10%
You as The World
Key 2nd Derivative
Energy Joules $ Rice

You as The World

we are one

we are one people

we are the world

the world is the 'Impersonal Self'

if people are dying on the world through lack ov distribution ov energy

then something is dying within yourself the same way (A Parallel)

this is how we reactivate our 1000 year bodies

when the world has a majority living in GENUINE NATURAL TRUTH on the ground
and quite good energy distribution by


this can ONLY happen by freedom ov choice

(otherwise the governments would have just simply taxed the slackers years ago
- but no - they have freedom ov choice and always will do)

speaking ov tax - there is NO tax on sharing (charity)
only tax on what you keep for yourself

those that share actually pay less tax

what about if you keep it all and pay no tax anyway - like what then

are you on the run

upon sharing our bodies will heal, activate, and be ov youthfull appearance

80 being 8% ov a life cycle

everything runs on octives here

the self is an octive of the world

the world is an octive of the self (en masse > 75% natural belief)

natural belief is what you really, really think and trully deeply believe
and is shown and lived outwardly on the ground

that's why this is NO place for the PIOUS (Genuine Natural is GO)

way it is

these primary assemblys ov substance all parrallel each other (subtle or gross or both),
interconnect, interact, live in cause and effect, live in balance, live in the flows ov the universe

the world is not really much different than the self

in some ways one and the same

the impersonal and the personal