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Universal Theory
by Dark Phoenix

Utopianism - Hyper State
- Utopian Energy Systems -

Natural - Principles

It's All Freedom Ov Choice

In The Beginning
 : Charity 10%
 : Wheel 10%
 : Show 10%
 : Fame 10%
You as The World
Key 2nd Derivative
Energy Joules $ Rice

Key Second Derivative - IMPORTANT

same as why we need > 75% Belief for something 'TO BE SO'

Team A 50% Yes

Team B 50% No

if we look within Team A (initiate)

they work with a vote themselves

Team A - Side 1 Yes 50%

Team A - Side 2 No 50%

same for Team B (oppose)

Team B - Side 1 Yes 50%

Team B - Side 2 No 50%

this is stalemate all round

so 1 person on either Team Could change the whole Vote

this the concept ov

'the lowest rank person could just win the war'

everything works on balance

within the team needs a majority > 50% ov the team

and the Team itself needs a majority > 50%

together it is seen and graded as > 75% (or 75% + 1)

prevents possible stalemate and assures the vote is true

this is something for you anarchists to consider
seeing that your currently running > 50%

this the way it runs

the bordroom runs this way

they have very little power to change anything
if they don't get a > 75% Vote

it's also seen as a type ov lock

if you are in the middle of a crossroad you will run the original parallel and also the right angle parallel (both at the same time)

if you proceed you will disconect the right angle parallel (this is a second derivative lock)

if instead you make a turn you switch to the right angle parallel only (second derivative lock)

another example is the tip jar (only if they actually do have one - otherwise well - nuff said there)

you buy a coffee (1st derivative)

then put something in the tip jar (2nd derivative - in America this is very important - even heard ov people being chased down the street if they don't)

same for eating, purchasing, the theater, the chai tent - anything

OK so how does living in an active second derivative help

Its a Philanthropic connection

Philanthropy is 'an over and above contribution' (the Third Wheel)

often associated with building librarys, theaters, parks, monuments, halls etc..

very encouraged in POMPEII - however available to anyone (starting as 'the lowest COIN in the realm')

TIPS (also seen as contributions and donations)

this is referring to everyday things - 10% to the bottom line is covered in the first section

Tips bring prices DOWN

it's pretty obvious if everyone (generally) gave a reasonable tip the selling price would generally decrease

HONOR SYSTEM is a system primarily DESIGNED to allow those with NOTHING AT ALL to aquire something and those who can afford it to be FREE and still give an HONOR SYSTEM TIP

the STUFF still has to be made and UNIVERSITIES have done a great deal ov research and practised honor system methods (although to our surprise usually with some kind ov compulsory payment - what about those less fortunate)

Amsterdam and Germany (or thereabouts) have BYCICLES where you deposit a coin and get a CITY BICYCLE for the day - when finished return to a machine

OVERALL they currently loose about 25% a YEAR which means 75% ov people work well with HONOR SYSTEMS

the idea is that even though a vendor may recieve less per service - however the VOLUME is 10 times larger so OVERALL return is more - even with losses

in fully powered up NIRVANA many things would be HONOR SYSTEM however until people show they are making TIPS etc, it JUST AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN

it's ALL FREEDOM OV CHOICE and many ov these things occur NATURALLY if the people support them

it's YOUR WORLD - the sooner you start something/anything the easier it gets for all


as there are 4 wheels they ALL need to be active

usually the Fourth Wheel is activated by another 10% (4 way) division ov borrowings (known as operating the 'Less than Zero')

ie. if you get a new credit card then

10% to the bottom line
10% to your life wheel
10% to your artistic creativity
10% to your publication and promotion

when the interest / dividend from the life wheel comes around
the division ov that amount (which included interest on philanthropic funds)
this activates the fourth wheel

(go fourth and prosper
- boy is that an abstract path to get to this point
- oh yeah - well hidden)

so we have 4 plates to connect

4 second derivatives to run

and 4 Wheels to Activate and keep active

yeah - it's running the four horsemen accross a triple star on a level playing field reference

12 aspects - nuff said

What happens if we don't have borrowings

to be powered up it is good to have both sides active

what many do is invest in say 'interest bearing deposit' ov some kind or 'asset' and borrow against it for a 'running account'

it's just the way it is - we did'nt invent credit/debit - only Natural to have a (+) and a (-)

are you sure we can keep this up

seriously - electronicly with BPAY and PAY ANYONE its all pretty quick and simple and only comes around mainly once a month

it's not that complex once you get the hang ov it

and it only gets real tricky if you fall on hard times

- like it's damn near imposible to live on charity if your running an active life wheel and all other wheels are active

- it does take a few accounts

oh yeah - this stuff needs genuine accounts with genuine funds and referencing

like your crazy if you think your gonna walk into a dropin center with a pocket full ov plastic and all that running

they instantly start attacking you
- not even knowing why - your just different that's all

sure if it all goes bust and your in genuine destitution
- then it's another story - everythings really sweet

advice - just try the best you can - that's all you can do


its a damn site easier than slugging it out 35 hours a week for 40 - 50 years

then to be   'Now were really livin'   and then drop dead - like for what

what happens if we don't

can't is you would be a recipient - like on the desert floor

to live like the meek like the rice and coffee field workers and such - third/second world in this context - before jumping to conclusions make sure you KNOW how much these people earn (about 1/100th ov the west)

way too simple to understand this stuff which is way too complex to practise

(in this context there seems to be NO IMMEDIATE reason for simple, truthful (LIVING IN TRUTH IN EVERY REALITY), straightforward income generating people to set up hyper accounting systems in the third/second world - unless your running like an internet porn site to support your village - then we would suggest everything be plugged in)

well how the hell are they going to scribe out their universal navigation and stability sectors on a cave floor with a stick (if their suddenly lost in a forein reality)

USUALLY they would have a Wizard with them (like Stargate - they always seem to have someone who knows how to work out the stuff with them)


at some point in this 1000 years they too should really BE ADVISED to learn and practise this stuff - it's just at the moment they're fine - the universe has odd ways ov looking after it's own

genuine third/second world people are already connected - 'as it is' (trully deeply) overrides most - already in the waves - share, support, create (who hasn't seen African patterns), enjoy, at peace with a future with some more choice if they like

this bunch are not sitting around waiting for a castle and Mercedes Benz

Need to be very carefull imitating the meek

LOOK - no-ones telling ANYONE what to do

it's more like you've been given a car (SELF) and we're trying to show you HOW to drive it before it automatically just takes off - can be tricky to WING IT with no idea how you got there or what it is - like Tim the Toolman on that spaceship - he actually did very well - yeah after all playing the part really did help

this a real universe with real immortality in a real phantasm RIGHT HERE AND NOW and the sooner you get used to it the easier it will be for all ov us

sub section
The Universe

we all know what the universe is like

many have said forget the ground - it's all on the astral

this is an ASLEEP statement (or at least very misleading)

actually meaning - leave the MATERIAL - it's all on the MANIFEST GROUND

EVERYONE knows the astral stories and places - everyone (it's the easiest thing going - however trying to stay is virtually impossible)

shiny deitys, angels, magical beyond measure, peacefull, new, exciting, extra abilities etc, etc, etc.....(books after books after books have this stuff)


translation ov the statement most know

'thy kingdom come, thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven'

MEANING - EVERYTHING you have seen, heard ov, and experienced in the last 5000 years in the MIND/FANTASY LAND/ASTRAL was an OCTIVE, or PARALLEL, or MIRROR ov what the VERY GROUND you walk on is REALLY LIKE (the level playing field - sooooo important)

with a whole lot ov IMPORTANT extra stuff you CAN DO on the ground especially like falling around, hanging around upside down, spinning, running and jumping

remember generally people don't fly on the ground - these parallels have a few nasty traps - DON'T QUIT YOU DAY JOB sums up a lot

the ground is for GENUINE NATURAL at it's best being busy with MULTIPLE things like humanitarian, high priest/ess, philanthropist, co-ordinator, entertainer, speaker, musician/DJ, writer, artist, sculptor, clown/comedian/joker, host/ess, actor, singer, group leader all on top of your normal occupation/s

it's like living on '4 chess boards' at the same time ALL on the ground (soooooo easy and you can go at ease)

GROUND BASED REALITY is PHANTASMIC, flat out, full on, exciting as anything and BEST OV ALL - you don't fall off it

it's been right in front ov you ALL ALONG

we the people would like to point out that this ground is a different place being Nirvana/New Earth

sure good point - why is because firstly this is point defined reality which is a lot easier to accept

everything is one derivative further along than before - also a lot easier to accept and manage,

also forgoing everything we knew and loved (the old world) and arriving (becoming aware of Nirvana, New Earth) opened up a gap in our collective wheel so we are NOW connected to something greater

so NOW the PHANTASM is being activated (awarness wise)

past, present and future is being tossed

and now we live in the sequential CONNETTED phantasm ov NOW

this is a very abstract POINT

that it is

AN EXAMPLE - sequential CONNECTED phantasm is like

someone says something, a bird chirps (did that bird say a word), a bell rings, your kettle starts whistling, a song about your very current question is on the radio, out the window a van passes by with another sign on it that answers another question you were thinking about, someone speaks again, you speak, a plane fly's over and you miss some words (the result sounding like another point you were thinking ov), you see dinosoars on the tv, the radio is playing starman etc, etc, etc...........

with the NOW reality, EVERY part that reaches you (fully or partly) is the WHOLE perception that runs 10 times faster with little reference to when it was made and most reference on when it got to you

- time is NO longer quite as sensible as it was (the dinosoars NOW, starman NOW, everything NOW - this is YOUR SEQUENCE)

NOTE - the T.R.O.N. (Shangrila Times - actually places our perception right in front ov NOW (NOW being an eternal/unattainable)

BEST PART - the NOW perception makes a lot MORE SENSE

your questions are answered, like walking on to a magical MOVIE set as the star and the movie does'nt stop, everythings much more vibrant, you get used to communicating on other levels (especially regarding affirmations) like signs, part images, flashes etc, and glimpses are full on (don't forget we're all 1000 each)

also the NOW perception includes 'what you think you heard'
- because that is what 'you were MEANT TO HEAR'

if you thought your DOG said 'hello' while giving a greeting bark IT DID

our perception is a funny old thing

it's all waves hitting our sensors which we then translate using OUR LIBRARY -

when the dog barks waves are emitted - some DIRECTLY PARALLEL our senses and TRIGGER a part from our library

because it's a PARALLEL (not DIRECT speach) the volume and placing is different


- it is quite easy to talk to each other NORMALLY in a loud HOUSE MUSIC CLUB - why is because the music is all shelved - meaning it sounds loud except it rarely is on the same parallel as speach - this is why the 'too cool for school' gang communicate easily without yelling - YOU may be well surprised by this

back to the dog, bus, wind, aircraft noise etc, it ALL works by giving it some listening space

- NOTE that this type ov perception is here and there (with the tiniest delay)

more like you remember hearing it - rather than hearing it

- like it gets past your conscious unnoticed and triggers your sub conscious (recalled as memory)

- it's not like your cat suddenly starts reciting Shakespear - and good on it if it does (with applause)


and EVEN in you are'nt - it's ALL in good measure and enjoyment

what about a bouquet ov flowers for the performance - yes, yes - if you like

NOW drops DIS to form REGARD from disregard

when something is removed by FREEDOM OV CHOICE

- or the WHEEL given some space

- or a DROP removed from a FULL CUP

- more can then be added - way it is

it's like looking at the ACTUAL TV SIGNAL WAVEFORM and being amazed once it's translated to IMAGE AND SOUND

NOW is at least 5 affirmations in the positive and more like 10

if you have 5 you should be able to get 10 - at least 8
- if you don't - possibly modify, join or subtract something

then what about sparks
well, we'll make sure we electrocute the living daylights out ov you

- just kidding

sparks - good point - they are stimulus (not affirmations)

to extend you would need to make a step (some action) then soon another

where do the affirmations come (there's no guarantees - sometimes you just gotta wing it)

affirmations can be drawn from basic common sense, the banal and the monotanous

also sometimes you need to manifest something (a step ie. draw, note, sketch) then let it settle (have a nice cup ov tea) then re-check and see how you feel

- to be straight - still have'nt worked out why writers keep peeling the pages out and throwing them in the bin (and seem to like throwing them all over the room as well) - to us these are the 'pool ov ideas' that are usually not in sequential order - ie. some may be best at another time, some may have become already toooo well known, some may be 'spot on'

- never the less the POOL is the pool and for us this is an extremely IMPORTANT section - without it, it's like in a photographic psyche - you just seem to loose all logical reference ov perception

Spot - he might accidently burn all the papers up with his fiery breath - he's funny

overall NOW puts together a FULL ON ABSTRACT ARTHOUSE kind ov perception coming at you flat out


much easier to just do what you normally do - 'till you get the hang ov it

sure man who fell to earth watched ~ 10 tvs all at once - looks like that's what he NORMALLY did

anyway NOW is one ov the most amazing AWAKENINGS you will EVER experience

and we've got 1000 LINEAR years ov it

and it hots up more and more and more

beam on plasmanoughts


Initiators - set up room for a few well rewarded and possibly gifted infants and children with crayons, cartoons, magazines, textas, paint, paper, canvas, fun slides, cubby, dolls house etc, etc, etc - 7th derivative/dimension

Pulse Magicians - draw, write, play, laugh, sleep, sit, lay down, hang upside down, hide, etc, producing LOTS ov WORDS and SYMBOLS - 6th derivative/dimension

Writers - (Ground) - sift through everything continually looking for anything that may trigger something, anything, also draw on stuff themselves - and so write the script about the Itchy and Scratchy writers - 5th derivative/dimension

Scene - (Cartoon) - shows writers (in Krusty's studio somewhere) writing Itchy and Scratchy - 4th derivative/dimension

Itchy and Scratchy Show is on the Simpson family's TV - 3rd derivative/dimension

Simpsons Show is on your TV - 2nd derivative/dimension

Add comes on your TV with filmed people - 1st derivative/dimension

TV is in your lounge room - base reality

FACT OR FICTION - the point is it is possible

THIS may look as if it's coming from the Heavens when in actual reality it is coming more accross a LEVEL PLAYING FIELD as it CLEARLY shows many DERIVATIVES/DIMENSOINS right here on the GROUND - just a tiny bit abstract

way it is - full on man - no wonder they refer to Hollywood as magical

yeah - NO Hocus Pocus etc. (generally) - just plain simple common sense and a straight forward approach


these deep dimensions and realities that many previously considered as 'somewhere in the sky' have actually been right here on the ground ALL ALONG

- we've all seen what a MIRAGE looks like

- so it should be NO SURPRISE that the SKY has been reflecting OUR GROUND REALITY ALL ALONG (sort ov)

why is there always a 'sort ov' on the end ov stuff

mainly because NOTHINGS ABSOLUTE
(it's very definition would NOT ALLOW EXISTANCE ITSELF)

ya just can't remove ALL the yin or ALL the yang - just can't

plus there's always another perspective

- that's a VERY CLOSE DEFINITION of creativity itself


anything created on the ground, seen on the ground, used on the ground

songs, movies, cartoons, radio, theater, fiction, plays

Star Trek, Klingons, Stargate, The Borg, Jedi

Queen Amadala and The Universal Council, Lord Yoda

Bugs Bunny, Roger Rabit, Adam Ant, Mary Poppins, Cinderella and Sinderella

Easter Bunny and Father Christmas (huge publicity and massive GLOBAL point focus on CHRISTMAS EVE - this is the very PRINCIPLE of DEITY MAINTINENCE)

ALL GROUND BASED REALITY ALL REAL - many different dimensions

we've heard maybee 1000 times like

'We'll BELIEVE IT'S REAL when we SEE IT with our OWN 2 EYES'

well HERE IT IS - 7 DIMENSIONS right in front ov YOU right HERE right NOW

it's developing an understanding that REAL extends to any dimensions we have created - sort ov like walking into a church - it ACTUALLY does feel like your somewhere DIFFERENT

Planet Reflection - Another Clearer Abstract Example

on PR the people always saw the 'City in the sky' - centuries after centuries - and their priests told them 'that's where you go when you die if your good'

so they all believed it and some got smart and worked out they could hold an IMAGINARY perception in the place for quite a long time

then noticed if they started lying (not in Truth) constantly (on their ground) they could hold their perception in the 'City in the sky' even More

although EXTREMELY LIMITING and karmicly weighty this process gave ground disassociation (known as 'fools paradise')

this gave them evem stronger perception that it existed

then ONEDAY the ILLUSION was FINISHED and the priests said

the sky here has a DOUBLE reflection and the 'City in the sky' is actually on the GROUND just over that HILL

flabergasted and UNWILLING to even take a STEP to VERIFY this they were initially in disbelief (for they KNEW - anyone that went over the 'Hill ov Death' would surely die)

Eventually they found someone BRAVE enough to go OVER the 'Hill ov Death' and check it out to see if it could possibly be true

so off HE went - took ages - all sorts ov stuff

- when he got there he went to parties, made many friends (many ov whom looked similar in a way to people HE knew back home), ate like a KING, told tons ov jokes and had a good old laugh

so oneday he remembered he had to go back and let his people know it EXITS, it's TRUE, it's ALWAYS BEEN THERE

EXCEPT - when HE got back he'd changed, long beard, looked different, had a strange easygoing manner and they DESPISED HIM for coming back from the DEAD - also he was'nt part ov their PERCEPTION so this did'nt help either

They chased him away, beat him, abused and spat at HIM

being very resilient - also knowing what a damn good time it was over there - he soldiered ON - tried anything and everything to help them

then Oneday in Nature he loved it Soooooo much that he declared 'Nature is his best friend'

so he lived in Nature - moved among them as a feral and still tried to find a way to convince them

he went back to the city very often (just loved the parties) and soon learned (from the old books) that even if he did get them to the city they still had to TELEPORT the whole planet (consiousness - very abstract) TO A DIMENSION (being the MANIFEST GROUND) that was 1 away from material

- called 'through the eye ov the needle' (A place actually much smaller although exactly the same SCALE relatively - ie. Very few could tell any difference)

so he worked and worked on the Borg type matrixes and decided we'll just teleport the whole bunch to the NEW reality where it's all Nirvana instead ov just one city

He Noticed there were Others who knew the Truth (however remained silent - for HE was the ONE that had to find a WAY - although many seemed to be involved - very abstract) so he got into PUBLISHING a web site

a few extra CONVERTS here, a few extra there and ONEDAY they got to a point ov a >75% majority of those in TRUTH on the GROUND

almost at the same time the teleportation sequence became ACTIVE so the jump was made to Nirvana, New Earth (however looking identical when arriving so NO feathers were rufled)

Waves started coming through the people, their tv started telling them the same thing, MEDIA went nuts, MOVIES came out, then IT was coming out ov ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING

however as they could still see the 'City in the Sky' (same method as the original reality) - even in Nirvana they still wanted to be in the sky - this posed a difficult task

to activate their perception in Nirvana (Ground) they still needed to SWITCH to TRUTH which would DEACTIVATE their perception in the 'City in the sky'

this was toooo much loss for those still caught in illusion

they would'nt walk over the 'Hill Ov Death' and they would'nt switch to truth

at least NOW they had 2 OPTIONS

the priests and party goers were flabigasted

like they got them to Nirvana, everyone except the NON BELIEVERS were going to parties, having celebrations, living phantastic FUN lives etc, etc, etc...

like HOW HARD CAN IT BE - it was now right in front of them and they still refused to have any part ov it

after a WHILE the non believers HAD enough then gradually they just said OK we'll take a step and have a look

mainly due to the fact that somehow they REALISED that ALL their FAKE personas, mannerisms and fake voices YEILDED NOTHING EXCEPT DEBT for INSINCERITY

and the VERY BASIS of their BELIEF system of 'at the end you will be told a lie' was in ITSELF the lie (right there in front ov them - even highlighted)

someone deduced the only way the GODS could place a LIE in a HOLY BOOK was to tell them they were doing it and even point out exactly where it was

like - how hard can it be - everyone knows there's NO WAY the GODS would incur a debt over a few milleniums

IN SHORT - the 'Hill ov Death' WAS MAINLY illusionary (more like NEW thinking), some crossed over the hill (was'nt that hard after all) and found it really was all on the ground, most gradually warmed themselves to the fact they were in Nirvana and had a good old laugh and a great party

TIME to RE-LEARN what REAL IS - way it is

gentle now - it's like your exiting some kind of nightmare or dream

the stuff (Nature + anything we create - ie. make, draw, agree on and RECORD) is actualy REAL

and false generally means illusion, imaginary

a good READ through the meanings in ANY dictionary explains the many derivatives - some get just a little abstract

end subsection

have a better way

sure why not - each to their own

just remember - make sure you can establish natural parallels

we got a 1000 years here you know

if you can but refuse (to be part ov the world)

this is your freedom ov choice

this gives 6 plates connected - primary

6 plates connected - interest / dividends

6 plates connected - philanthropy

show in the old books as the 666 parallel

the 'Devil' or in common sense terms

'as low as it gets' - it don't get any lower than that - way it is

in real terms the 'Devil' is a fully blown immortal asigned to the aspect ov lowest ebb management (666 parrallel)

('The Old Gent', 'Lord Lucifer', 'Prince Ov Darkness')

plus you power up the 'Gang Ov 4'

and to be quite straight

they can even give our own devils a hard time

you saw how hard it was for superman

they are here and in 1000 LINEAR years they'll probably rip everything to pieces

and it won't be some gentle 911 either

(this lot are all powerful entropy agents)

they're happy - party with everyone else

just no need to get 'em edgy

this is what getting used to the universe means

you can be standing next to someone used to shreading planets

and still have a good old laugh

and you saw jesus easily beat the devil in the ring

(simpsons or southpark) - yeah but the Devil threw the fight

good on him (you know how soft and squishy Jesus is)

the Devil's a gent - that's why he prospered - they're on the same team

(the Devil was the only one that backed Jesus to win) (what a guy)

if you want to run off to a monastery

and refuse to deal with money

this is the 'Way Ov Atlantis' - shown as sunken

yes - you can go under the small end too

- yeah as a high priest/ess ov Atlantis - full on man

are you sure it's Atlantis - it's all we have - we're running a thin line here

going on the principle 'if it can exist, it will exist' meaning a place and structure under the small end is already defined in some way


to our knowledge - 12 years in practically any monastery and your sent back into 'the world' to learn to DEAL with energy (Quai Chang Kain style)

way it is - it's some type ov Natural Necessity

the Jedi would possibly say 'To live in the force, know the force, breath the force'

don't be misled

the Hare Krishnas still charge rent and

don't provide toiletries and stuff to prevent this (living with nothing whatsoever)

(that is our record - however deep inside may be different)

if you don't / won't deal with money

ie. use gemstones like some hippies

whatever - each to their own

what goes around comes around

it's still moving energy - any way you like

no-one likes stagnant - they just don't

ie. live like some sadhus with a bowl and eat what comes to you

good on you - all for one and one for all

ie. eat rabbits in the bush cause you can't stand dealing with the gov't

whatever - ever thought ov planting some vegies

ie. stay homeless, gambling and dropin centers - yeah well life is life - and it can be very social if you like - best ov luck

if it's all too much yet somehow interesting

that's why this reference is hear now - it may take some time

if you want to at least start, many groups recommend
the 10% to the bottom line first and foremost

especially if you can do 10% to the bottom line from interest / dividends as well

and 10% to the bottom line on philathropic stuff like 10% ov your new credit card / limit increase / increase ov running amount

this connects 7 plates - primary

7 plates - interest / dividends

7 plates - philanthropy

which gives a loose 777 parallel (still described in the old books as good stuff)

Please Note

- a loose 777 parallel was never described as

'full blown immortality on the ground'

it was described as a good foundation for entry to the holys

Full Blown Immortality on the ground is 10 10 10 (and then some)

(this is why it took 30 pieces ov silver to knock out Jesus)

777 (hyperbolic) also does represent fully blown - to get these 7's you need to be running all 4 wheels (still giving a total ov 10)

1 wave + 1 wave gives 3 waves in total (2 waves - base)

like a DJ playing two records at the same time

record 1 - as it is
record 2 - as it is
dancefloor - never heard this 'MIX' before - sounds like neither - all swirly and stuff

source 1 - source 2 - result - (3 in total)

add 2 ov those units together

3 + 3 gives 7 waves in total (4 waves - base)

hyperbolics are really abstract so that's it at the moment

also clearly set out in vedic / hindu / buddhist literature as

1000 conscious aspects ov self (each with their own 1000 and so on)

also as known as 'Vaishnava'

all 10 accross a triple star (10 x 10 x 10) all powered up all running

also quoted as 144,000 (Bible)

10 x 10 x 10 (1000) fully powered up aspects ov self
with 144 further derivatives of self
- giving 144,000 aspects ov self
- or 3 x 4 x 3 x 4 x 10 x 10 x 10

why is one showing 144,000 and one showing 1000 x 1000

there are many different levels ov immortality

all depending on commitment, will, use (or non use ov magic),

involment in the ground based world (the more the merrier),

commitments as deity, avatar, holy,

principle reality managment, etc, etc, etc...

we want to know which one is best

or more simply where does 144,000 meet 1000 x 1000

hope you realise it's normally 12 years in a monastery for these questions - never the less

(they are in fact 2 different ways ov looking at the same structure)

firstly 1000 x 1000

(shown in the west as the $1 million at the end ov the rainbow)

is now 1000 x 1000 x 1000 x 1000 (or 1 part per trillion)

(level ov purity set here in Nirvana)

(a square of the old level)

this figure is a parallel ov 1000 primary aspects accross now 4 modes ov nature

(beware - nothin's gonna stop 1's - way it is

and with purity figures like that there seem to be more ov them - way it is)

figures ov responsibility here in Nirvana (New Earth)

are set at 3 x 1018 souls each

or resposible for 3,000,000,000,000,000,000 souls each

(thats part ov how those still caught illusion were carried here in the blink ov an eye)

this figue is a parallel with the 1018 personal energy spread accross a triple star

1000 x 1000 etc.. figures are the consciousness itself

144,000 figures are assembly ov those primary consciousness aspects to form people

loosely drawing 144 from the kabbalah 10

  3 (trinity aspects)
x 4 (sections - modes ov nature
        - ground (1)- 1st (3)- 2nd (3) - 3rd (3) - 10)
x 3 (quad sections - look like upside down triangles)
x 4 (in the quads themself)
= 144

there are also other methods to derive this - this has been 1

it is not known exactly which one the Bible was referring to

- they all start giving 144 in the end

- the important thing is recognising they are derived from one and the same Nature

so in short

one set is the primary foundation (unit ov consciousness)

one set is the primary assembly (of the units ov consciousness)

(both do interact - it's all perspective)

this really is like running those said '4 chess boards' on the ground at the same time

oh yeah

it's all based on natural 3D geometry

- with lots of really full on stories to keep you busy trying to make sense ov it all

it all comes down to keeping those 4 extra plates connected

- that's pretty well it - you don't need to be an astrophysicist

if the 4 extra plates are connected precisely

it rings the bell

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just remember the little tackers on the desert floor
- it's not so hard