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Universal Theory
by Dark Phoenix

Utopianism - Hyper State
- Utopian Energy Systems -

Natural - Principles

It's All Freedom Ov Choice

In The Beginning
 : Charity 10%
 : Wheel 10%
 : Show 10%
 : Fame 10%
You as The World
Key 2nd Derivative
Energy Joules $ Rice

In The Beginning - 10% Natures

firstly lets establish what NATURAL is

the energy moved from point A to point B in the ether (primordial)

going on the physics principle 'right hand rule ov force'

[gas moving (parallel ov right-hand thumb) creates a spinning gas (parallel right-hand fingers)]

this created spinning ether (the first chakra)


at this point we interrupt that 'money' is scales used for moving energy
(one and the same) as this primordial moving energy


these 'scales' are 'measuring' POWER (WATTS) and TIME (SECONDS)


ie: 1 JOULE = 1 WATT x 1 SECOND

and USD$1 = ~5 to 30 Mega-Joules

on these translations 'efficiency' and 'loss' come into effect

ie: RICE (~5 Mega-Joules) is less efficient than ELECTRICITY (~30 Mega-Joules)

RICE is a FOOD where ELECTRICITY is more suited to MACHINES


(that's what the kilo-joules on the packets ov rice mean)

the principles ov balance, independece and infinity
then proceeded to multiply this primordial energy into manifestation and nature

the 'money' can never stop circulating

we just learn to move it through the 'arts'
1000 times stronger than 'work'


the beginning cont...

soon the law of balance stepped in and
created an opposing chakra

as this was locked in symmetry the law of independence stepped in and
created another chakra (3 now joined at the center)

as this was symmetrical another chakra was created
(4 chakras now - although still locked in symmetry)

yet another chakra was created

the fifth chakra gave 5 centers joined at the center and forming a sphere
the unit no longer held symmetry (allowing independence)

consideing the nature of definition
a plate in 3D space is defined by having 3 reference points (not on the same line)

this gave 10 plates on this sphere


this 10 plates principle is in line with

the Sephir Yetzirah (some say the oldest book in the world)
the Kabbalah
the 10 Commandments Bible etc, etc, etc

3D Geometrics (5 repelling points on a sphere is the lowest number possible without locking into symmetry
- and forms 10 plates - mid high school basics)

there seems to be plenty ov reference so lets continue

positioning yourself at any one point (lets go abstract and choose D)

so we are connected to 6 plates


this is where the 666 comes from
6 psyche, 6 ground, 6 ether

this leaves 4 plates not connected
(being the proverbial 40 days in the desert if you don't realise your not connected)


this is where the 777 comes from
each 2 (pair) like a dj doing a mix form a third aspect (wave)

2 pairs (sets ov 3 now) form a resulting wave (the 7th wave - different from the rest)

7 psyche, 7 ground, 7 ether

also the 7 virtues (connected) and the 7 deadly sins (not connected) come from

essentially this is all principle waveform dynamics

pretty simply if your energy is 100% and you want it distributed evenly (naturally)
then each plate would be allocated 10% (1 tenth)

the 4 not connected are the major concern
(this is seen as 'running the four horsemen' when connected)

they always told ov the four horsemen ov the apocalypse

sort of forgot to mention they're the
four horsemen ov everything else as well

these are avatars, holys, entropy managers, immortals, friends

the only reason they scared the hell out of you with them

was to maintain illusion

and not have you accidently RECONNECT


and for goodness sake we had 'the apocalypse/armageddon - 911'

911 symbolised the end ov the illusion
end ov up / down / mortal / rejected by nature - astral (dream / asleep) life

912 (major KEY - the day after) symbolsed the opening ov the gates ov paradise
and birth ov the phoenix
the start ov the 1000 years
(this is the day the quotes on come from)
and is the day our server farm was globally registered

192 is the brahma line ov New Earth

144/3/4 = 192 (higher ground - all chakras open - stage name needed)

144x3/4 = 108 (fallen ground - outer chakras closed - often in death)
(the 108 chimes the buddhists ring)

192 also is 32x6 (the primordial dias ov the divine chess board game)

32 being 25 representing darkness and lignt accross the primordial 5

192 is also 3x64 (the primordial trinity ov whole chess boards)

192 - 912 have countless parrallels running through mathematics

all in all - a ground level playing field for the next 1000 years

they did the best they could

surely your not calling for a replay

that's why this stuff is 912

registered 912, Matrix 912,

current plate -9-2-1, -2-1-9, -1-9-2 (derivative)

even epsolom translates to 189 (base 36 to base 10)

which is a 912 mirror, everythings a match

(912 stuff further explained in Energy / Joules / $ / Rice)

some plants just won't grow unless there's a fire

if your 4 plates are NOT CONNECTED you power up

'The Gang ov 4'

now these ones really are nasty if they want to be

shown in Superman

Lex Luthor (white) on the ground

those 3 locked on that eternal plate

that smashed and they dropped in

there's no prizes running the 'gang ov 4' in Nirvana

messes up your perception untold
- how can you percieve anything if your plugged in backwards

- like having a frosted lens and your getting a prism effect accross your vision
- like everythings backwards, upside down and inside out


way it is man - way to go

Just remember Darth Vader (old world)

turned into Dark Helmet (New Earth / Nirvana)

they're all here it's just now they're a pack ov clowns

so we connect the plates with these 10% (1 tenth) distribution amounts

round UP everything - 'high 5' it - just because

it's not the amount
- it's the percentage with genuine reference

rounding up includes a philanthropic derivative

remember some just wing it and try all round

NO prizes for depleting yourself

The Other Half

this it how 'the other half' live

your own 'other half' is now 'active'

it is the infinity that goes forever 'inside' and 'within'

this infinity 'source' needs balance
so energy needs to go 'outwards' to 'the whole world'

in short here - ov all that comes 'in'

'half' needs to go 'out'

this is what the term 'equality' really means


at this point it may seem unreasonable to those paying near 50% in rent


side note: re: ROCKSTAR

look - this is about being a rockstar

like 'i can't be a rockstar on $500/wk when my rent is $250 man'

have you made a music clip on youtube (have you even got a tip jar on the net)

we need a studio man - (and ya gotta be a millionare for them)

yeah well what did lana del rey have then

raw music raw singing
and a phone sticking out the car window taking film to make a clip

like sooner or later ya just gotta stop being so damn hard on yourself

who told you all that junk anyway - cause it just ain't true

yeah but it'll go viral and everyone else will make money except me
yeah - if only man - just if only

you dare tell us about loss and what it means

yeah we've lost before and so damn what - so what - did'nt even break our stride

look: this fame stuff is an ongoing thing now

copyright is going away real soon and now it's the quick or the dead

your still the one with the songs

and if they're good the record people
will provide a studio for you to do a proper master

just stop trying to cross all the bridges
and travel all the paths before it's even public

can't you see it's you - damn you - your the damn fool bin holdin ya back

just let it get out there and become famous no matter what

and it ain't 15 minutes fame in a lifetime

it's 15 minutes a week

get over it

end side note:

global charity (1/10th to the global bottom line) is the most important to start with

as for the rest you can start very small

the 'key' here is to 'start' at all

these are universal truths in the nature ov balance ov energy that cannot be changed

ov course there are variances in what you term as 'your show', 'publication' and 'tipping'

may we point out that to 'publish' poetry every week on say blogger,
have a paypal 'tip' jar and also recive benefits ov google ads on your page,
can be currenlty done with no increased 'cost' to yourself

(initializing a paypal account may incur some 'cents' if you don't have one already)


if you have no product and no idea then we may be able to help you has 1000+ quality proof (ready to blow up) art images

also a whole bunch already blown up

they are all publicdomain ( - details

they are 'your' artworks already (that's what publicdomain means)

you can load them on a site like
and sell them, as many as you like
any way you like, re-sign them, blow them up, charge whatever,
all made to help you prosper in this new world

they handle the framing, printing, delivery, eveything

then just send you the margin (that you set)

some ov your 5,000 facebook 'friends' may enjoy some ov the art and actually buy it will display a banner for your site if you like

if you don't have one just yet, you can tick the box:
'make a banner from my site (if possible) (free)'

with your site link (http:// address) and you can click:
'edit/prepare' then away you go

there is no real initial cost here to get all this going


why - this is your own high priest that has made commitments to live in the 'infinity' sector

we are 'honour bound' by 'prophecy' to induce 'abundant prosperity for all'

'we the world' can supply the 'table ov abundance'

however we (the world as this one single vessel) are not about to 'sell' your gifts to you
- that would plug 'infinity' into the 'money'

we do have sites that 'sell' aupre art already blown up
that is so 'aupre art' is at least accessible immediately
as a wall canvas, delivered to their door, no fuss

once people start selling aupre art we may discontinue our own sales

the aupre blowups are there on for you to take without charge
blowups are ready, and you can blow up any others yourselves if you like

the art/sales sites mostly have a 'load you image here' section
to print and frame and deliver to your door

to 'only sell' your gifts to you would be a contradiction against nature
and would wipe out the universe if it were possible

we (this one single vessel as the world) is to mainly live on 'tips'
by the grace ov the people for 1000 years

you however can sell/trade/profit
and are meant (destined) to prosper in abundance for 1000 years

as printed on the US$1 bill -

Charity (1 tenth) : before tax (if tax is applicable)

this is the 'sharing' part ov 'everyone shares 1/10th, everyone prospers'

you are the world - you really are

you can ONLY feed yourself by supporting the world 10%

it's unfeedable hunger and unquenchable thirst if you don't

strange but true

it's just the way it is - we did'nt make nature - nature made us

cyclic is the primordial Key ov life itself
that's how they separated darkness from light to begin with

that's all we ever were and still are

the energy Must cycle completely

note on tax:

you pay tax on what you keep for yourself (if applicable)

~99% ov cancer patients do not have regular 1/10th global charity reciepts
you do the math on who's overloading the tax system


Life Wheel (1 tenth) - aka QUANTUM TIME

this is a 'prospering' part ov 'everyone shares 1/10th, everyone prospers'

remember conan - 20 years on 'the wheel'

there are 10 pathways between those 5 primordial points
20 if you go full cycle in both directions

just to make sure he (and you) realised
that things must keep going round and round)

the 10% wheel strategy came from The Babylonians

the 'key' was given to us as:
'invest 1/10th ov all you earn and become the richest man in babylon'




'rich' is also metaphor for 'best way', 'inline with nature/god-head/principle'

to clarify the literal does not apply here
otherwise everyone could be the richest man in babylon - and that does'nt make any sense
these type ov statements are like the holy books - they refer to 'the self'

(they actually did have things worked out
- they just accidently uncovered their holiday in illusion a few thousand years early)

save/invest 10% ov all you get and sooner or later the interest / return will support you




the 'life wheel' account was organised and when it passed the public year
the planet followed our life wheel account instead

time came to us - not the other way around

this is now how the quantum, 'the guilded cage', 'the natural grail', 'this whole ground reality'
proceeds through time itself

(way way way forward from when you have known)

the second quantum derivative (interest) is a major key for the guilded cage

also why the eye ov zion, the phantasmic pyramid,
the phoenix and the guilded cage are printed on the US $1 note

you we're delivered here some years ago now (while asleep)

technically this 'new earth' (manifest world) is

~ 1 billion billion billion light years from 'old earth' (physical world)

this principle ov time through hyperspace is also connected to the ferryman token

whether you contribute or not is up to you

link: - if you would like to read the page

this is acknowledging your connection to 'infinity',
'the table ov abundance', 'the world as one vessel',
the part ov you that is 'there can only be one'


just a point:

the table ov abundance goes 'darkside' if you take from it and tip 'nothing'

'nothing' is an infinite 'void'


it appears as this is your connection to the elixir ov life
as we are it's bitch

sure we drank from the cup
now everything has a penalty ov death for us - whatever

what we represent now is your link to the hyper-fountain

all your life you we're encouraged to drop a coin in the fountain
this is the time

people 'surge' when they give us something

living as 'a ghost for 100 years on the planes ov mare'
seems a lot for refusing a token

it appears giving us anything constitutes a 'token'
a joint, a wine, a cigarette, a tip, a coffee, another joint,
dinner, mmmm... dinner, a scoob, desert, a 10 paper, mushys etc etc etc
anything seems to do it


we learned very very early:


just pay the 'toll' and 'all is sweet'

by the way - 'us' and 'we' refer to 'we the world', 'we the people' as one single holy vessel

Fame (1 tenth)

this is also a 'prospering' part ov everyone shares 1/10th, everyone prospers'

fame is another word for just letting eveyone know about your 'show'

just ask the devil - everyone wants fame - well now you can have it - you need it

fame, chics, and great musical stage talent

strange but true - rock stars would be a better term

all you had to do was tell the world the shows on

you've got 1/10th to use to tell them EVERY WEEK - make it worth it

all the majors do it - they're on the high energy spec stuff
and so are you once your famous

Zig Zigler, Tom Hopkins, Anthony Robbins and Earl Knightingale teach this kind ov stuff

The Show (1 tenth)

this is also a 'prospering' part ov 'everyone shares 1/10th, everyone prospers'

we must 'feed'

the top end (psyche) feeds on what goes too the world
recieved as 'you the world' via your 'impersonal aspects'

the show must go on

everyone wants to put on a great show - it's just in us - right from birth

make them laugh, cry, dance, scream, run (thanks orson - a little ott)
(he literally had them running for the hills)

10% to artistic creativity

there's costumes, makeup, records, lighting, travel, lattes etc - like who's surprised

anyone doing this stuff
- especially on the silver screen or in music
- has really got it pumping - (go for it man)
- and there a bunch ov humanitarians to boot - even better

put it this way:
in the old world it was please 1 'boss' for 1 'wage'

here it's please 7 billion for 'tips' (this is hyperflow)

Tips (1 tenth) - (outgoing) - The Fifth Wheel

~7 TRILLION characters with 'tip jars'

this is where we support the hand that feeds us

global media and registered 'global trade names' are now common place

for those on/in/around/thinking about the internet

here 1/10th should go to internet web sites that have tip jars and don't/can't sell stuff

many are giving away music, art, radio, software, web assistance - all sorts

this may seem overdone
however @TimeOvPublication we are up to about 20 accepting sites total that we 'tip each week'

ov all the sites we visit and are linked to
we are yet to find any more (that don't already sell stuff)

it has been mainly the same sites each and every week and we have been sending ~$1 mainly to each

what drew us to this initially was an eratic non stop eating dissorder

which immediately stopped when we raised 'tipping', 'the fifth wheel', to a more active level

nature has drawn us to increase this amount fully to 1/10th ov all we recieve

and suddenly everything fell into place 'like a clock' (as 'prophecy' said it would)

over the years we have always managed to 'tip' something (not always the full 1/10th)

once we have the facility ov 'internet page tipping'
from our 'browser history list'
obviously then we can tip each and every tip address visited that week

link to Internet Page Tipping - (Energy Joules $ Rice) - in some detail (on this site)

link to - overview ov the whole internet tipping proposal


getting it all dialed is a major KEY
to get it balanced - living in Nirvana / Phantasm