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Universal Theory
by Dark Phoenix

Utopianism - Hyper State
- Utopian Energy Systems -

Natural - Principles

It's All Freedom Ov Choice

In The Beginning
 : Charity 10%
 : Wheel 10%
 : Show 10%
 : Fame 10%
You as The World
Key 2nd Derivative
Energy Joules $ Rice

Fame - 10% to let everyone know about your Show

it's very important to at least give the world a choice to appreciate your stuff

way it is

the world is you - helps to be really friendly with it

promotion is not telling everyone you meet about your site (this drives some people nuts)

the idea is let the world know (the world is very large area)

so get amongst it just like the rest ov the world does

most stuff should be at least on the WEB with a clear address

like   - it's easy

then THEY point to your abstract address like

no-one can remember those abstracts - way it is
that's why we have domains (DotCom's) in the first place

and just in case no-one told you the addresses work without saying www. incessantly
(although typing it in can help if you can't get through - they are 2 different systems)

pay for publishing if you have to

that's what some modern day book writers are doing

you sort ov need to really look into this stuff

the general idea is that if your earning an average amount

10% is still a bucket load to spend on publication and promotion ov your stuff

just in case you've been hiding under a rock

you can do a great deal ov publication / promotion with small amounts these days

this also shows up on your 'Data Output Usage'

while we would never suggest 'Page Counting' you always have data limits

ie. if your site has a Max of say 1,500 GigaBytes / Month

and your output is not even reaching 1% then something needs to be corrected

(are you spending your 10% on promotion and publication GLOBALLY)

setting up a site is like buying 1000 pairs ov sunglasses and having them in your bedroom

in this instance common sense would see the person would IMMEDIATELY place some adds somewhere

it's just the way it goes - a WEBSITE is NO DIFFERENT

also promotion is becoming extremely artistic and very sublime

- no-one wants to be bombarded with adds

- and there's no points for hiding it from the world either

what is meant here is sure people say they don't like adds - so choose the methods your OK with

if you don't like adds, however also recognise your need to let the world know about your site
- just think carefully about what you DO LIKE - there should be something

there seems to be a large amount ov people that just don't want to sell stuff,
never the less still need to find a way to be self supporting

you DO NOT NEED to be selling something to place adds

'artistic 468x60 banners' seem to be de rigeur

- most sites like this have a 'Donations' or 'Tips' or 'Website Support' section that operates on the Honor System

there ARE people out there that like to offer at least something as 'Tips/Support' every now and then if they like your site

and if they don't you can send a tip youself to any email address
point is that 'somethings' adds up - 'nothings' are oblivious)

another point is that it seems at the moment everyone is strugling a bit on the net

sure it's ok if you have your own servers in 20 countries - like that's not who we mean here

'you' are who we mean here - just 'you' and your art/skate video/band video/funny video etc etc etc

at least make sure search engines have a chance ov finding your stuff

also cross linking with other sites in the same genre can help etc, etc, etc...

we see this come out naturally when you meet
someone new who is'nt promoting their stuff globally or otherwise (usually they don't have any)

so they turn to the 2 hour monolog ov their own life story
(drives anyone nuts - and whatsmore they just can't stop)

once again this is a natural urge - it's just about dialling it in

we all have something within us for the world

why - we just do

what about cavemen - did they have something

they were pretty busy dodging dinosours - so they left tons ov Caveman Art on the cave walls

did they sign it - yeah 'X'

Everyone Knows Promotion is a tricky subject

remember 'the best movie you ever saw at the theater'

like sure you may have stumbled upon it - it's more like an add gave you some info about it in some way

we're all creators with gifts for everyone - the task is to let them know as pleasantly as possible